Which colors does your house sell better

Did you know that the colors in your home affect sales both positively and negatively? Maybe you can handle the paintbrush before you put your house on sale. Because the right colors create the right atmosphere and the right atmosphere sells your house. Which colors you apply best in your home depends on a number of things.

  • Neutral colors

Of course colors are very personal. A large surface in apple green, for example, does not suit everyone. Which color is most suitable for the sales presentation of your house? That does not always have to be (broken) white. But remember that buyers experience a room with bright colors as small, busy and screaming. The same space in a neutral, light shade creates a spatial impression. That is what you want to achieve with your sales presentation. Warm, neutral tones thus contribute to a quick sales process. So that must be the basis in your house.

  • Warm or cold?

The light in your home is decisive for the experience of heat and space. If your house is north, your house feels cooler. Case to put one or more walls in a warmer shade. Make sure you have a neutral color.

  • All in one color?

Look in your own house for the used colors of the walls, the floors, the curtains, the woodwork, the worktop and the kitchen cabinets. Are the colors that fit together? Or contrasting colors? Are they neutral colors or not? Neutral colors, which fit together, provide unity and exude calm. With that you speak to a larger group of buyers than with very distinctive colors. In a large house you can vary the color palette per room or floor. In an apartment you should take care of unity and so you should choose one color.

  • How do you do it?

You really do not have to paint your entire house white if you want to sell your house. But make sure that large surfaces, such as walls and ceilings, form a neutral and light base. You can paint one wall in a (soft) accent color. This increases the atmosphere in the room. Please note that you choose the right wall and you go for a too dark or too cool color. The orientation of your house determines which color range you can choose best.

  • Everything neutral?

No! Of course you can bring color to your interior. That brings extra atmosphere. But do so in moderation. Choose a single accent color and make sure it matches your basic color. Apply this accent color in different textures and color strengths. For example in flowers, wall decorations, cushions, candles and vases. This is how the space really comes to life.

Do you find it difficult to determine which colors best suit your home? Then turn on the professional help of a real estate stylist.