Tips to sell your apartment faster

Get ready

Although the majority is prepared at the time you decide to sell it, the ideal would be to give you between 90 and 180 days before putting it on sale, so you will have enough time to make repairs and order. In this way you can be strategic.

Find a professional

A real estate consultant can provide you with a lot of information about the area, or similar house prices and what you can do to show your house well.

Take a step through your house and note what is attractive, that needs repair and what improvement could improve the sale of the property.

Fix it

Most sellers have doubts when making improvements before putting their house on the market because they believe that most buyers want to choose their own decoration, but buyers who want to move to finished houses just want to make minor changes. What you could do now is to put the house in order and keep all personal belongings in the visible places, buyers like to see themselves living in the house.

Prepare the stage

On the internet there are many tips on how to show your house to sell, use some and change the old carpets for new neutral color.


Do not forget to order the cabinets, buyers will examine every corner of your house.

Look at it from outside

The first impression is everything when it comes to selling a property, a bit of landscaping could be the difference between selling it or not. A useful advice is to put a friend to tell you what he likes and what does not of the facade of your house.


No matter how beautiful or spectacular your house is, when it is time to show it there is dust or dirt, the house should be as clean as possible, with clean sheets and no bad odors, this can discourage any potential buyer of the property. A good practice is to add attractive odors, light aromatic candles or bake something.


Beware of spending too much on things that buyers may not want, put an appropriate price on the property, what you paid when you bought it is irrelevant.

Keep it

Even if your house is not sold immediately try to keep things clean and with beds arranged, it does not matter if you have seen the houses hundreds of times, maybe the 101 is the good one.