What steps to take to sell a property

Selling a property is an important decision that must be supervised since the decision to market the property is made, and involves a series of processes and expenses.


All the owners of a property must review and collate the current ownership of the same in Public Registries (enter any change or modification in the registry entry with information on who the current owners are).

In the case of the municipality, the HR and PU of the current year should be reviewed, the name of the owner or owners (names, ID or immigration card, address and marital status) and the information of the address of the property (nomenclature and numbering) that registers the game is the same as the one that appears in the municipality. If there are differences, it will be necessary to initiate the procedures that are required to correct them.


Ideally, you should have the support of a real estate agency, real estate agent or experienced real estate agent, which may avoid inconveniences in the closing of the purchase-sale operation because you have not previously evaluated the documentation and detected weaknesses that they can put the operation at risk .


Depending on the legal gaps that the ownership of the property has, it is necessary to process the missing documents. Each one has a different price and often depends on the costs of each municipality or corresponding institution.

On the other hand, in the case of operations carried out on the properties to be sold that are evidenced that they have been repeatedly sold in very short times, the historical file of the same is being requested to evaluate if in any of them there was a suspicious transaction. The cost of these documents depends on the number of pages they contain.


The payment of municipal taxes is assumed by the “seller” owner until the month of the sale. The next month belongs to the “buyer” owner.

Also remember to keep in mind the payment of the capital gain tax, if warranted, as well as the brokerage commission agreed upon.


The referential valuation of the property can be done by an appraiser or be proposed by a representative of the real estate office who must carry out a market study based on the existing offer and on the historical data of ‘real closures’ of properties of similar characteristics.

To this he adds that, in addition to assessing the property, it is necessary to prepare and order it for sale and, if necessary, resort to a specialist in the subject that makes the process more agile.