How to sell a house today

Before, to sell a house usually the Spaniards did it through agencies, advisers or promoters. However, according to Idealist data, currently 56% of the homes, premises and garages that are advertised on its platform are sold in a particular way. Many are you who want to take care of it personally, and the truth is that now is easier than ever. You just have to post a good ad on the internet. For this you can use the multiple platforms that serve for it like,, or enalquiler. They are very simple to use pages and with much more visibility than, for example, newspapers. The tips for selling a home fast through the internet are:

  • Attach plan. It is fundamental for the buyer to know the real size of the house and its distribution. In some cases it will be a good claim for them to decide to arrange a visit the house.
  • Quality photos. In the announcement it is very important to add several photos of different parts of the house so that the user can see the status. The trick is to make some good photos that enhance the best of the house and with good lighting. You can add an image of the facade, portal or other elements of the building if they are going to be an incentive for the buyer. Place the main picture of the main picture and never be the bathroom. House sale
  • Detailed description. Beside the photographs we have to add a descriptive text of the house, do not forget to indicate the performance of the building, the technical data, and all the attractive information that can help the buyer decide to visit it on the spot.
  • Sincerity in the advertisement. In addition to a detailed description you must be sincere since nothing good will have a good announcement if everyone who visits the home feel cheated. We also have to be clear with the price, and set the same price for all the ads on the different platforms, because if the possible buyer finds our advertised house on several sites with different prices probably no longer trust us.
  • Keep your ad updated and make changes to make it more attractive. If you see that with the starting price nobody is interested, try to modify it in low quantities to see if you get better results.
  • Once we post our ad we will start receiving calls and some emails from interested people. It is essential that you do not delay in responding to people who have contacted you. The sooner we have visitors, the sooner we will sell them.
  • To get a buyer it is necessary to make a good online communication with the interested parties, and that communication during the visit makes the prospective buyer feel comfortable. You also need to know how to negotiate, as these buyers are likely to try to make different offers.

Hopefully with these tips you can sell your home fast. If you need a technical procedure to make the sale do not hesitate to contact Certicalia and we will inform you about the procedures to carry out.