How to choose with which real estate agency to sell my house

If you offer to send photos of your property to the real estate agent and he accepts it, I advise you to discard that real estate, it is not professional. That said, it is also important to work with an agency that has qualified sales people and who are part of the official college of real estate agents (API) of your autonomous community. The reason is because the sale of your property is one of the most important financial decisions of your life. You not to leave this responsibility to any person or intermediary who is not a professional in the sector.

On the other hand maybe you have not stopped to think what it means to market a home and at first think that it is simply to put a “For Sale” sign on the door of your property or publish it on any free real estate portal and wait call you Do you really have time to serve, filter and select customers? Do you have time to organize the visits and show the property? Do you know how to draft a legal contract? Can you make sure that the potential buyer is solvent? Etc.

But, does any real estate agency help us sell our house? Four points that will help you choose an agent:

The first impression. It is very important that we agents put interest in housing, that we are at the service of you owners, answering your emails on time, inform you of all the news of your home, that all the workers of the real estate know the property, that we work as a team to close the sale safely and in the shortest possible time, that we explain to you with certainty that our management of contracts and conditions of purchase and sale…

Integral service.  Not only do we need to show your house. It is much more: we have to value or value the house (and know how to do it), know the legal issues, make frequent market studies to check the most competitive price for your property, have knowledge of photography to make a good report of High photography or if you have a professional photographer, you should be able to analyze how the visits of the property are for sale, and you should have access to your own portal, as well as to other portals and / or advertising spaces.

It is very important that when the real estate professional visits your home, it is he who explains what he will do to sell your house. I advise you that if you see that he takes a picture of a dark room or does not lower the lid of the toilet, disregard his services, they are small symptoms that this person is not very professional. You have to assess how much you are willing to pay for professionalism.

Is it expensive or is it cheap?  The agent’s fees say nothing about the quality. Neither the most expensive is the best, nor the cheapest the worst. But it’s worth the effort and the result. For example, the agency that gives you a higher appraisal of your home, perhaps is only trying to attract new customers with a higher sales price. On the other hand, the publicity to promote a property costs money, like the small investment for the improvement of your home and in general it is the real estate agent who pays it and this is reflected in their fees.

Of course, there are other important questions which we could consider and ask ourselves before choosing which real estate agency is going to be in charge of selling our home:

Do you work transparently always answering your questions? Is it an agency with years of experience in the sector? Do you know well the area or town where your home is? Is it associated with other agencies, with a known brand, with a federation? of real estate agencies? Do you use commercial actions for your own company?

The set of answers to these points will help you to make the right decision with which agency to collaborate. If you collaborate with a professional you can and should be demanding what you expect. If you choose the right professional, we can be the difference between selling or not selling.