How to sell your house faster

When a seller puts his property on the market, he usually wants to sell it as fast as possible and at the highest possible price. But sometimes speed and price are found conditions, and one of them may impose itself on the other. For example, if the seller is moving, or has purchased another home that is delivered soon, selling your current property quickly can be a priority.

Does this seller have to sacrifice the price to get a quick sale? Not necessarily. There are always some things you can do to help get a good deal sooner.

The first step is to set a competitive selling price, making sure that the offer price is not higher than the price for which similar properties have recently been sold in your neighborhood.

The second step is to make the house “ready to move in “, performing all repairs and other maintenance problems before putting it on sale. You should also make sure the property is clean and tidy.

Another factor that always helps is to be flexible with the hours of visits and their duration. You never know if that client that we cannot teach you housing at that time would be the ideal client for our house. And so as not to pressure the buyer and allow him to visit the home without any hassles, he may be willing to take his family for coffee or ice cream. Your real estate agent will do a good job and keep you informed of how the visit was.